multiple bodies
curated by plum projects

Thursday, February 3, 2000
· on view through February 29 ·

@ LL Gallery

8-10pm complimentary admission
Courtyard entrance 47 W. 20th St (between 5th & 6th Aves.)
10-11:30pm entrance at 6th Ave.
RSVP at 212.501.3589 or bring invitation for admission

January 20, 2000 - Plum Projects is pleased to present an exhibition entitled Multiple Bodies at the LL Gallery. The show features the work of 13 New York artists working in a variety of media. Each artist displays a unique site-specific piece reflecting the spacial and social conditions of the club’s three main galleries, and playfully interpreting the show’s title.

Kathleen Sweeney’s video tower installation includes images from her Rockefeller Grant-nominated project, Claire’s Bipolar Episode, which dissects the teen-age female psyche & figure, and explores the experience of female adolescence in America. A close scrutiny of mandatory bar signs and signage scattered throughout the club will reveal Ryan McGinness’s humorous takes on regulations. In Devon Dikeou’s on-going performance piece Out, Out Damn Spot!, warmed hand towels are passed and used by visitors. The vanquished remains hang as forgotten relics alongside photographs of their users.

From H. N. Semjon’s DeliGrocery Project, consumer habits are examined and multiplied in the artist’s sculptures of ubiquitous products, encapsulated in bleached beeswax and displayed in two refrigerator cases. Brushstrokes multiply across the canvas of Andy McNish’s signature-style painting, creating lush patterns of shading and light. Overhead drawings by Rebecca Landmér explore aspects of communication, their hand-to-ear motion conveying a sense of heightened auditory scrutiny for noisy club denizens.

Cross-sections of portraiture and human stampedes are diametrically opposed in the work of Leopoldo Gout Grautoff, Daniel Mirer, Kathleen HeikeTriem and Catherine Leuthold, whose images transport viewers into varied locations and circumstances. James Croak’s life-size Suits are conceived to camouflage and wear as armor: the body is transfigured, vacated, and ultimately discarded. John Ahearn & Rigoberto Torres’ life-casts capture spontaneous and fleeting expressions of neighborhood inhabitants, perceiving & giving form to a changing world.

Plum Projects is an arts organization specializing in public relations, project development and artist advisory services. Multiple Bodies is the first curated exhibition by Plum Projects’ Rachel Weingeist & Caitlin Miesen.

The LL Gallery is open by appointment only. For questions or to arrange an appointment to view the exhibition, please call Plum Projects at 212.505.6198. This exhibition is on view through February 29, 2000.

Multiple Bodies is sponsored by, The Fields, Jeollado, Manhattan Beer and Tymeline Video.